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Crown Your Hatred | A mix for those who right wrongs in their own way [listen]

1. Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine | 2. I Know Where You Sleep - Emilie Autumn | 3. Kill Of The Night - Gin Wigmore | 4. Final Warning - Skylar Grey | 5. Call You Out - Flyleaf | 6. Daughtes of Darkness - Nightcore | 7. Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore | 8. Miss Jackson (ft. Lolo) - Panic! At The Disco | 9. Ignorance - Paramore | 10. Girl With One Eye - Florence + The Machine | 11. Goin’ Down - The Pretty Reckless | 12. Beast - Nico Vega

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Flashback: Healing Wounds, Blooming Friendship // Young Loki and Sif // Closed RP


His grip nearly caused a riot of sensory to pummel her inwardly. She should have known from the very start that this would not be something so easily dashed.

How dare she even come in the first place?! Oh, right, he was the only one who could help in these moments and not go storming her household brandishing weapons and threatening Magnhild like a blood-lusted war hound…—

She remained facing away from the silver-tongued Princeling, her shoulder facing him fully whilst her head and torso were in direct alignment with the large doors on the opposing end of the chambers, It took some personal coaxing and a sincerely determined pry from Loki.

Slowly, stiffly, the warriorling turned back. Her eyes fixated on his grip which held fast onto her grossly painted forearm of odd hues. Sif snatched her arm back and sat down, hands gripping either side of the chair she perched on. “Do go on, Loki.” She murmured, putting forth a facade of passiveness. 

All Loki could manage feeling was remorse for Sif as she stood, facing the long doors that lead out into the corridor. He stared at her back and shoulders, half-healed welts and gashes covering her light, golden skin. He made a note to himself to remember to have her sit with her back to him so he could work on her back as well. Once the warrior turned to glance at the hand that grasped her arm, Loki did his best to remove any trace of that remorse from his expression—he knew that was likely something that she didn’t want to see.

Sif didn’t have to pull her arm away with much force, for Loki simply loosened his grip, his fingers brushing against the skin of her wrist as it fell to her side briefly. She moved to sit, submitting to his attempt to keep her there. The passive mask that she wore was of no use; after all, how do you hide a mask from one who is a master at crafting them? He let out a breath of a sigh before he raised his gaze to meet hers. “I am helping you because I care for your well being, Sif. I presumed that was rather obvious.”

Loki resumed his work, mixing the healing herbs in with the ones he’d used to ebb away the pain of her sore muscles. He would now use the paste to heal her bruises and relieve the pain they caused her.

"Do you doubt my sincerity?"

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Eater of Dreams



Thor noted the subtle differences in his brother’s behavior. Just somehow calling to him, both silent and spoken cries, though in entirely different ways. It was a siren’s song that inevitably lured him in, something the golden god could never hope to resist—or want to.

His own heavy sigh escaped lips, bare chest rising and falling with that shuddering breath that seemed to come from all of him.. clearly hitting his breaking point. Thor’s need, his craving unraveled in the poor mask he fashioned for himself, coming undone and exposed. Azure eyes glimmered faintly, swirling with a darkened haze that Loki stirred inside him. Heart thrummed in his chest, offering a sort of redeeming quality to his feelings.. it couldn’t be wrong if this is how he truly felt.

The closeness of his sibling only tempted Thor further, breath hitching while Loki’s words practically echoed in his ears.. and they broke him. “…brother," Thor gasped softly, almost a whisper before releasing the hand from his wrist, only to move for Loki’s neck instead—swift, but gentle, easing him in to bring lips closer, at first a light brush, an affectionate caress of flesh.. then a hungry, but tender press pinning petals firmly together, punctuated with a groaning whimper while thumb and fingers massaged into the younger brother. "—Mmn.”


A shiver coursed through Loki’s spine as Thor gasped that word—brother. Something that he’d heard several times before in their many millennia together. As Thor reached out to gently take hold of the spot where his neck and shoulder joined, their lips brushed together and Loki could barely contain himself. He let out a soft, shuddering groan, the sound mingling within the shared breath between them—Just as his brother hungrily moved forward, Loki encouraged the movement with a rough pull so that they nearly crashed together. 

A jumble of thoughts and emotions clustered in Loki’s head, all of them making their way through their link—a surge of a twisted swelling within his chest, as if his heart was going to burst. Burning sparks dancing across his skin, wherever they touched. A sudden feeling of relief, as if the world around them didn’t exist and neither of them had to hide and tangle their feelings up within themselves—through their link was the only way Loki was able to share his affection, his…love for Thor. It trickled through in heavy streams that was sure to leave the thunder God breathless.

Loki reacted to the kiss with near desperation, his tongue instantly flickering out to brush against Thor’s closed lips—it didn’t take long for Thor to grant him entry and soon enough, he was sliding his tongue into the thunderer’s mouth. The trickster felt his head spin as a surge of electricity seemed to flow through both of them, the feeling shaking Loki to his core.

"Thor, brother," Loki groaned breathlessly, beginning to take a few steps back, mindful of the bed somewhere behind them.

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        A soft sigh left her lips as he spoke. But it was not one of disappointment. But more of announce. One she had used when had been a much younger boy. And a hand moved to take his face, making sure he could not look away. And her brows pulled together. “You never used to be so negative, Loki.” Her tone was light though held a certain tone in it. Her thumb brushed against his cheek. 

      “You will only be a disappointment if you decide to be one, Loki.” She let her hand fall away then, but her gaze held his. She knew no amount of convincing could change him. He was much too stubborn for that. 

     The Aesir didn’t resist his mother’s touch as his teal eyes flickered down to meet her gaze. Loki simply raised his dark eyebrows, every thread of his attention seeming to be focused on her—then, a gentle smile tugged at the corners of his thin lips. “Certain events have molded me into one who is neither a pessimist nor an optimist—but a realist.

     His eyes fluttered shut for several seconds as Frigga caressed his cheek with her thumb. As soon as she pulled her hand away, he met her gaze once again. “I would never decide to disappoint you,” Loki’s words held a twinge of gentle affection to them. “I cannot resist my nature. Nor can I resist the fate that the Norns spin for me. You know that as well as I do.”

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Thor: The dark world - Lady Sif

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Thor being the prettiest princess.

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