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The Fragile

     Jubilant voices and laughter echoed throughout the golden palace, caressing the walls and pillars with unseen, dispersing fingers. Another celebration of victory that was likely to last a few days, at least. It was early evening and Thor would not return to Loki’s chambers for several more hours, so the Aesir decided to wander about the city, far away from the festivities. The All Father had already made an appearance and he was not expected to stay for too long, thankfully.

Instead of lingering in the All Father’s form, Loki decided to simply exist in his own—although he did wear a heavy cloak with a hood that obscured his eyes, just in case. The night time air had a hint of warmth to it, warmth that indicated the start of spring—thankfully, the warmth wasn’t the slightest bit overwhelming….yet. 

—The trickster paused mid-step, noticing a figure approaching. Loki raised his head slightly, just enough so he could see clearly out from underneath the hood. He felt a familiar energy, familiar power…and a smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

"Looking for someone?" He asked as the figure came within hearing distance, the words slid from his lips with a touch of softness.


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Lady Sif is a one-woman army when it comes to hunting someone down. It’s rare that she needs help, but I think the reason she asks S.H.I.E.L.D. for help is because she respects Earth. She knows Thor does, too. She doesn’t want to wreak havoc across Earth and possibly hurt other people, so she wants to enlist their help and say, “This is your world. Let’s be collaborative in how we go about this.” (Alexander)

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It's only because I still worry about you 
                    that you have survived 5000 years. 

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Sam Claflin at the premiere of ‘The Quiet Ones’ at the Theatre At Ace Hotel on April 22nd, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

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everything is on fire
and the flames



Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

I was tempted to leave this photoset just the way it was, without any commentary, because it’s such a beautifully filmed moment and Chris Hemsworth does a fantastic job of conveying that moment of the rug being ripped out from underneath you, how it just happened so fast.

It was just seconds between Thor seeing his mother fall to the floor and lighting up Malekith’s face and watching as Malekith and Kurse fell over the balcony and one of the Harrow ships catching them and Thor heaving Mjolnir after them.  So much happens in just such a short amount of time, just seconds.

And Thor breaks my heart in this scene, because how much must it weigh on him just how close he was?  How much must it weigh on him that only a few seconds earlier could have made all the difference and he could have saved his mother?  How much must it weigh on him that he could only wound Malekith, but couldn’t strike him down right in that moment?  How much must it weigh on Thor to lose yet another person he loves?

She was one of the few people that Thor could talk about his burdens with, the deleted scene is one of the few times that he lets someone else help him carry that heavy weight on his shoulders for a little bit.  Thor is a character who is made for carrying heavy burdens and still knowing how to live his life, this is a man who will not let this tragedy keep him from the world or the others that he loves.  Thor is a character that isn’t just physically an unmovable mountain, but also a character who is able to endure this kind of heavy weight emotionally.

Thor will not fall apart without her, nor without Loki.  But Thor is a character who truly lives and loves and embraces life, he deeply feels the sorrow of this, even if he doesn’t show it the way others do.  Loki’s way is to scream and tear the room apart.  Odin’s way is to grieve quietly and for his foundations to start crumbling without her.

Thor’s way is to mourn her, deeply and truly, to carry her memory and the weight of her loss for the rest of his life, but to keep on living.

Thor is emotionally solid in the way I think that he got from Frigga, the way I sometimes think the rest of his family isn’t.  If their situations had been reversed, if mother had outlived son, Frigga would have mourned Thor differently (partly because a parent losing a child is different from a child losing a parent, but partly because her ways of grieving are not his), but she would have carried on in her life, she would have still lived and loved and allowed others into her life.

That is what Thor got from his mother.

But it’s a heavy burden in the immediate aftermath, because one of the themes that I don’t think is touched on as explicitly as some others are, is that Thor is dealing with the inability to protect those he cares about, which drives a lot of his actions in this movie.  He is a character who feels very protective of those he cares about, whether those directly in his life or an entire world that could use his help, he will always fight for them whenever it’s necessary.  And that’s why he’s so invested in Jane, because she’s the one person he can protect now—his mother is gone, his father is refusing to be helped, his brother is in the midst of madness.  He’s spent the last year dealing with the fact that he can’t protect Loki anymore (not while Loki refuses to be helped) and then this happens.

How much must it weigh on Thor that YET AGAIN he failed to protect someone he cared about?  That breaks my heart and yet makes me love Thor all the more, for how he doesn’t let it crush him or break him.  He feels it, he accepts it, but he doesn’t let it consume him.  He is able to carry this and still continue on!

Thor will not surrender to grief any more than he’ll surrender to a physical enemy to fight.

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I am going to hurt you.
You are going to hurt me.

But we will do it with practiced fingers
and passionate mouths
and I swear to god

it will be worth something.

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Flashback: Healing Wounds, Blooming Friendship // Young Loki and Sif // Closed RP


A rather snide remark made its angry way onto the tip of her tongue in reply to his words but immediately, for whatever reason that she could not so name, Sif bit down on her tongue. A rush of rustic copper began flooding her mouth until her saliva washed it away along with the scathing tone she previously had. Now was not the time to make an enemy out of Loki, now was it?

He was, of all things it seemed, a friend. After all, as he had said, it was, ‘rather obvious’. 

As he began working again, she merely watched in silent contemplation; each ends of her spectrum warring and deciding what to deem this situation, really. But what was there to consider? Was it not just a friend helping a friend? 

With his next question she furrowed her brow at him a moment. Then, without thinking, she barked out a few loose notes of laughter. “Doubt your sincerity?” She parroted, eyeing with haughty suspicion. Oh, that look on his face was not one of pleasure and she immediately changed her tone. “…If I were to lie you’d know.” She answered, casting her swords-metal blue gaze elsewhere in guilt. 

Then, ever so slightly her shoulders drooped somewhat and she unclenched her jaw. But what slid out from betwixt her lips was all the more shocking. 

"I am… Sorry."

Loki shifted closer to her, closer to the edge of his seat as he once again placed the mixing stone on the desk behind him. He dipped his slim fingers into the paste until the tips were covered and reached out to spread it on the bruises and gashes that covered Sif’s flesh. His touches were gentle and cautious—cautious so that he would not cause her pain.

"Indeed, I would," There was no attempt to hide the pride that trickled off of his tongue. "A God of Lies the mortals call me, after all." A soft chuckle escaped from the back of his throat. Soon enough, the paste had seeped it’s way into Sif’s skin and he pulled his hands back.

At the sound of her apology, Loki couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. He paused with the stone bowl resting on his lap, his hands wrapped around the sides. In one way that Sif and his brother were alike—they were not the type to recognize a mistake and outwardly apologize for it. So, when he heard those words slip past the warrior’s lips, it was…unexpected, to say the least. After a few seconds of silence, the trickster knitted his eyebrows together before speaking.

"What, exactly, are you apologizing for?"

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