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                                                                                                                    I am Loki, of Asgard. I am the God of mischief and I shall one day be your king.
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I doubt you even know what a yellow-tailed black cockatoo looks like.

I bet I could take a wild guess, if you’d like? *Lifts his right hand and wiggles his fingers*

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Oh don’t be boring. Just kick your heels and snap your fingers. Can’t be that hard?

And I said want not need.


Hm, I could turn you into a bird—which is your favorite?

A goose? A parrot? Perhaps a pigeon?

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Well you are skinny and magical. Close enough to a fairy to me. Who said I need a bird? I want a bird.

Terribly sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t dabble in wishes. 

—I specifically said “need”, not “want”. 

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I also want a bird.


Do I look like I grant wishes?—besides, what do you need a bird for?

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     Thor mulled the thought over for a moment before nodding, glancing once more towards her brother before making her way inside.

     ”I would very much enjoy that..”

     She mumbled under her breath, instead focusing her efforts on taking everything in. Another step and the Aesir was fully inside, dragging her fingers along the frame of the door.

     ”Oh hush you cheeky bastard..”

    The energy within the apartment was fitting, remnants of Loki’s presence left everywhere. She wondered to herself what it was he did here in his spare time, all alone. The thought was enough to send her mind reeling, coming up with all sorts of possibilities while she walked around aimlessly. Every now and then the Thunderer would stop, pick something up, or simply run her fingers along something. Eventually she strolled into the bedroom, baffled by how clean it was compared to her’s. “wow..” The bed especially caught her attention, Thor walking over and sitting on the edge of it. She bounced a few times and ran her fingers over one of the throw blankets, whistling as she looked around the room some more.

    “I am impressed.”


     A smile graced Loki’s features and he inclined his head, silently agreeing to accompany her—after all, it had been such a long time since he’d visited Iðunn and had a taste of her golden apples.

     The Aesir let out a chuckle in response to her comment, but he decided not to voice a complaint. Instead, he simply watched as his sister began to wander aimlessly around his space, her footsteps heavy against the granite flooring. Thor was never blundering with her movement, despite Loki’s gentle teasing; her footing was always absolute as if she were an anchor digging down her heels to stand her ground. The trickster entirely expected her to began poking and prodding at his trinkets but it still filled him with a twinge of anxiety—each time the feeling emerged, however, she eventually pulled her hand away or set the object down as gently as she was able. 

     Soon enough, his sister was strolling into Loki’s bedroom and he couldn’t help but follow her. The Aesir folded his hands behind his back as he approached Thor, tilting his head to the right as he stopped a foot or two in front of her. The thunderer’s words had him smiling again and his teal eyes flickered around the room, appreciating the sight himself. 

     ”Does this mean I have the sister stamp of approval?” He asked her, amusement and a touch of sarcasm dripping from his very tongue.

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Last night I saw a dream where your lips and mine
Were burning from the kisses and the wine.
And I was tired from waiting, it was more than just passion
You knew I wanted some action.

I felt your tender kisses on my skin
But on the reality it was just summer wind
It was just the play of my mind.

You’ve never been mine
But I miss you so much
And I guess that’s not fine.

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day 4. masturbation (part1, tony tomorrow)

the curious case of tony’s shirt going missing after the events at the avengers tower.

(if there isn’t massive, fluffy pillows for asgardian royalty then what is even the point of that place.)

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     ”Now you make me feel the urge to go raid Idunn’s apple grove…”

     Thor grumbled, reaching up to fix her hair when a gust of wind tussled it. With a huff of annoyance she rolled her eyes. “And yes, yes— please I remember the barmaids crooning to each other about my handsome brother.”

     When Loki began his teasing she snorted rather loudly and averted her gaze, scratching at her chin in flustered silence until at last they arrived at the stairway leading to the other’s apartment.

     ”What a pity— wow…”

     She slipped away from her brother and hustled up the stairs, taking two at a time and not even waiting for the trickster. It wasn’t until she realized that the door was locked that she turned around, hands planted on her hips and foot tapping impatiently.

     ”Come on then I haven’t got all day! I wish to see these chambers of yours and then have you explain to me just where the Hel you’ve been.”

     ”Perhaps we should go together next time, hm?” Loki watched Thor fiddle with her hair, taking a few seconds to appreciate it’s shine. Several braids often intertwined throughout the strands and Loki caught himself wondering how she had managed such intricate detail.

     The trickster tilted in head with a grin and, as much as he was inclined to indulge in her unintended compliments, he decided on a better response. “And I the several warriors in constant awe of my beautiful, strong sister.”

     He couldn’t stifle the chuckle that escaped him as he watched her blatantly hurry up the steps in an attempt to avoid the subject. Loki followed after her and, with a twitch of his fingers, the dark green door fell open in welcoming.

     ”Ladies first,” He offered.

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     ”You had best been many— besides I’d like to see how well you age with those dark locks of yours. I bet you become a sagging old coot before I so much as gain a wrinkle.”

     Thor flashed him a cheeky grin, chuckling when the hip bump. At his last comment she cleared her throat, rolling her eyes and scoffing as color crept up the nape of her neck and tinted her cheeks.

     ”Aye— you forget I’ve grown up with you. Surprisingly enough you do seem to have quite a bit of meat on you underneath that armor.” She side-eyed him and seemed to consider something before lifting her gaze. "Part of me wonders if you’ve grown plump in my absence. You haven’t got some girth hidden away in there do you? Imagine— removing your armor only to reveal the belly of Volstagg." The Aesir belted out in laughter, grinning to herself in amusement.

     ”What a sight that would be!” 

     ”I tend to imagine that I will age gracefully. It would be a shame to waste these good looks for age, don’t you think?” Loki paused briefly before adding, “Don’t forget yourself, sister—you are the elder sibling.”

     Color rose to Thor’s cheeks once his subtle words left his lips—which let him know that his sister did indeed understand his underlying meaning. Which, he might add, made her response far more amusing.

     ”I suppose I do seem to, don’t I?” Loki blatantly teased her, picking and prodding at her choice of words. He followed her gaze and took a good look at his stomach—his leather armor leaving no indication of extensive girth. The trickster met Thor’s blue gaze with raised eyebrows, humoring her with a joining laugh. “It certainly would be,” He agreed before moving to rest his hand against his center. 

     ”I’m afraid the Norns have decided that becoming hefty is not intended for my destiny.” The Aesir turned his head away from her briefly and he came to a halt just a few inches away from a stairway. “—And here lies the path to my apartment, where you seem intent on inspecting.”

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      “As is everything else always your intention it seems.”

     She shook her head in disbelief, baffled as always by her brother’s quick wit. Despite her aloofness, the Thunderer was also gifted with intelligence— though her prowess was better recognized in the battlefield where she excelled in both warfare and strategies. Loki on the other hand seemed to always plotting, his entire world a battlefield and life one seemingly unending war.

     Thor was distracted from her internal musings when Loki mentioned her age, causing her to guffaw.

     ”A mere several millennia? Please, brother I will not have any grey hairs unless they appear from stress. Other than that I believe I have more than a few millennia before I grey.” She scoffed, bumping the other with her hip.

     ”And yes, I wish to see this new home of yours so that I may pass judgement.” Her jaw dropped at the last tidbit, face flushing as she smacked Loki’s shoulder. “I am not! You are the twig here!”


     ”—As it should be,” Loki corrected her; despite the seriousness of his words, his tone held a gentle lightness.

     The trickster recognized his sister’s blatant disbelief—and he would be lying if he attempted to deny the delight that it brought forth…which wouldn’t exactly be surprising. Loki took great pride in his mastering of speech, but he couldn’t deny that he admired Thor’s brute strength and knowledge of battle tactics. It had always been a beautiful sight, to see her come to life on a battle field.

     ”By several, I of course meant many thousands of years, sister. I’m sure neither of us could attempt to count how many thousands of years that would take.” Loki easily shifted to return the hip bump without missing a beat.

     A full fledged laugh escaped the Aesir in response to her defensive words. “You know very well that I am far more muscular than I appear,” Loki’s retort was subtle, and he wondered briefly if Thor would catch onto his underlying meaning—she had always had a sharper mind than he expected. 

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An Alluring Discovery.


     The clouds hung heavily in the sky above, dark with a threat of an oncoming storm. The air around the Aesir was moist with the scent of rain—today was an exceptional day to explore, he’d decided. An exceptional day to escape from Midgard, and his responsibilities in Asgard; the latter a thought he pushed aside as quickly as it had arose.

     A tremble barely visible that danced against the still hues of the park caught Loki’s eye and he hardly wasted a second before he began to trek directly toward it. He had been looking for some sort of entertainment and, if this rift lead him to another realm, that would certainly provide him with just that. Thor had been gone for far longer than his liking, his attempt at peace with one of the rebelling nine realms obviously taking longer than he’d anticipated. His duties weren’t entertaining and he didn’t have his brother to distract him from that fact—so he’d decided to explore.

     What he didn’t plan on was to emerge so close to a lingering crowd of people in the streets. Loki paused, ducking down in the alleyway immediately so that he wasn’t noticed right away. The trickster waited several seconds before rising to his full height and stepping into the street and passing the inhabitants of this realm as if he belonged there.

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     ”Your timing is impeccable as always..”

     She rolled her eyes but continued to grin, stroking her thumb against the hairs on the back of his neck before withdrawing her hand with a sigh. “If you keep this up I’m going to be covered in more grey than father has in his beard— is that what you want you brute?”

     The smaller Aesir playfully elbowed him, moving to stand beside him and link their arms together. “Nay, you are forever consistent in always being included wherever there be excitement.” Her smile faltered briefly as she craned her neck to look at the other.

     ”Now then, where are you staying? You are eating well I presume?”


     ”As I intend it to be, yes.”

     Her brief, yet gentle touch accompanied a smile caused the embers deep within Loki’s chest to come to life, a low constant burn making it’s way throughout his veins. Thankfully, the heat subsided slightly as Thor pulled her hand away and the trickster simply raised his eyebrows in response to her words. “Why, you are a Goddess—I’m certain that you are several millennia away from obtaining any signs of grey.” 

     A smile tugged at the corners of Loki’s lips as his sister linked their arms together and he began a steady stroll. “Of course. ‘Tis a part of my nature, I’m afraid—excitement tends to call to me.” The trickster tilted his head down at her, listening to her concern with a hint of amusement.

     ”A pleasant apartment not far from here—shall I show you?” Loki reached across his chest with his free hand and gave Thor’s an assuring pat. “Yes, yes, I am eating fine. What of you? Look at how thin you are.” The younger teased with a grin.

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