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Loki scaring Thor with his unusual uses of magic

Loki studying seidr excessively until he can do things Thor thought was impossible. Thor responding by forcing himself to learn more control on realm weather

Loki insisting that Thor’s elemental magic isn’t real magic and Thor yelling back that it is, it really is

Loki throwing epic tantrums, in situations where he can work seidr into any objects within a certain range around him and cause mass chaos by throwing it around or blowing it up or enchanting things for devious purposes.

Thor answering by drenching Loki in so much rain he can’t focus and he gets angry and has to go to his room

Thor and Loki going inside together and Thor is still buzzing with thunder and Loki is mad at it

Loki being distracted by the elemental magic in Thor’s veins, and then touching Thor, playing with it, until the sensation arouses Thor and he plays along and they’re suddenly mixing magic and learning how they’re different yet the same and can be very compatible

Thor is using static and electricity to excite Loki and Loki is using pure seidr to surprise and seduce Thor, and both of them are unaware of the affect until it works flawlessly, and then, they don’t mind a bit; it’s so strong, and it’s so perfect and it works ~~


wow loki your jealously/possessiveness/attention-seeking behaviour/general thirst is off the charts

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Hello sir! Would you like to take a look at this stand! We have everything! A new cape for you perhaps?

     ”Everything, hm? How did you manage to obtain everything?”

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INSPIRATION bloody battle wounds

for the bloody knuckles that pound against the flesh of another, the knees that scrape against rough surfaces as bodies hit the ground, and the bandages that are painted scarlet with their wearer’s determination; the blood that spills from the bodies of fighters is the most valuable when mixed with that of their opponent. 

𝔅eware toxic lovers who substitute knives for nails, whose bodies are painted with wounds from their partner, and who have a dangerous love for pain. passionate and untamed, they take pleasure in blissful sadism, marking their territory in wounds upon each other while hunting those that surround them. seemingly ordinary, the two save their animalistic natures for when they are together, transforming into the monsters they truly are when met with each other’s touch. 

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      Thor felt her lips twitch into a grin, chuckling softly— albeit nervously —as she felt his hands slide up her back. The kiss was so sweet, so fulfilling… It made the Aesir sigh softly in relief, “I’m not sure, I suppose I just…” She found herself faltering again, gaze dipping as her smile faltered. “…do not wish to run you off.” The thunderer came in for another kiss, nipping at his bottom lip before pulling away just enough to be able to watch her hands smooth across Loki’s chest.

      Slowly she pulled her own hands away and began to tug at the hem of her shirt, tugging it off of and letting it slip from her fingers to the floor. She sat there in silence for a moment before bringing her gaze to Loki again, resting a hand over the one the trickster had placed on her hip, stroking his knuckles with the pad of her thumb.

      “I have. More than you could ever imagine. Loki I…” She squeezed his hand before leaning closer and resting her forehead against his shoulder. “I thought I had lost you again and I didn’t want to scare you and make you leave again.” A moment was taken so she could gather her thoughts again.

      Thor sat back again, face reddening as she reached to guide the hand on her hip to her breast instead. She was rambling too much and still unable to put everything she felt into words, instead she turned to what she was better at: the physical. 

     Again, Loki found himself unsure of what to do with what he’d been given. The words that he prompted from her lips left him with a realization; of all the things Thor could possibly be afraid of, she found herself anxious over the loss of Loki—more so, his direct decision to sever himself from her in some way or another. Before the trickster could process a reply, the thunderer was leaning in to press her lips to his again. Thor’s playful nibble sent a spark of arousal throughout his abdomen and down to his groin.

      Once his sister was tugging her shirt up over her own head and letting the flimsy piece of clothing drop onto his bedroom floor, Loki’s breath hitched and he instantly reached out to brush his fingers along her warm skin. For a brief moment, he recognized that the feelings of apprehension, the sharp pangs of arousal in response to simple things like soft kisses against his flesh—the mere sight of Thor removing her clothing—was something that he hadn’t felt in centuries. 

     ”I…have my own reasons for leaving,” Loki began, his words slower than usual for he was certainly light-headed. “They never include you scaring me and causing me to leave. I tend to…bounce back, after all.” He assured her as genuinely as he could manage, a gentle playfulness slipping into his last words.

     He allowed her to lead his hand and he wasted no time in taking advantage of the opportunity. Loki wrapped his free arm around her waist and pulled her close, leaning in just inches from her lips—then he slid the hand that she had lead to her breast down to her thigh. The trickster slipped his fingers just underneath her knee and lifted her briefly, swinging her around to his left and lowering her down onto her back against his mattress. Loki rested his left hand beside her head, whilst the other reached back for her left leg, gently guiding it to rest against his hip.

     The Aesir said nothing else and instead, leaned down to capture her lips with his own.

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      Thor felt her blood boil, the cool fingers against her flushed face made her shudder—- almost as much as his words did. She was outraged, the words leaving a bitter taste in her mouth. As he rolled his hips she felt a moan slip out. “You know nothing of honor you damned snake!”

      The words flew from her lips almost as fast as her first that she sent directly towards Loki, hitting him square in the face. She smiled as she felt a satisfying crack, reaching out and grabbing the blade with by her other bare hand. Using the force of her punch she followed through and pushed the other back, swinging a leg over and rolling them over so that she was on top.

      With a snarl she held the blade to his throat, arm raised and ready to strike if need be. Thor took the time to catch her breath, blowing her bangs out of her face before licking some blood off of her lips. “None resist my victory, most certainly not from you.” She gave a smug grin, nodding towards him.


     At the sound of her moan, a smile tugged at the corners of his lips. “I would watch who you call a snake—if not for me, several of you would be long dea—!” Thor’s heavy fist prevented anymore words to fall from the Sly one’s mouth, for the impact caused an explosion of sharp, white hot pain to shoot throughout Loki’s nose and behind his eyes. An audible crack pulsed in his ears, followed by his head slamming into the cold, blood coated ground.

     The trickster’s senses barely cleared enough so that he could snap his chin upward—followed by a throbbing sting in the bridge of his nose—to avoid the blade that was so close to the flesh of his throat. Hot blood trickled from Loki’s nostrils, but he paid no mind; the frigid rain wouldn’t allow it to stay for long. Now all he could smell and taste was blood.

     ”Then please,” Loki began, attempting to feign ignorance to the pain—all that gave it away was small flinches when he used certain muscles in his face. “End the one thing that is causing your enemies to prevail,” The trickster raised his free hand and grasped at Thor’s upper arm, tugging her down from her high perch so she could gaze into his eyes. 

     ”I dare you.

I may be an a-hole, but I’m not 100% a dick
—The most inspiring thing I have ever heard (via drunkenkeith)
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      Thor was, for lack of better words, terrified of the potential for disaster, so when the kiss was returned she felt her heart sing. As she was pulled close again, the Aesir felt her breath hitch. “Am I anything but blunt?” She moved against him, pressing closer and letting her fingers tangle in familiar ebony locks. “And I shall leave the poetry to you.”

      There was a hint of a smile as she pressed her lips against his again, pulling away only to catch her breath. She met his gaze, slowly moving her leg to kneel against the bed, leaning into him some more and moving her arms to instead drape around his shoulders. Thor moved to straddle him completely, looking him over as she settled in his lap.

      “…You can tell me to stop.” She murmured, leaning in to kiss slowly along the sharp edge of his jawline. The fingers still entangled in Loki’s hair tightened only briefly, the Thunderer peppering kisses along his neck and cheeks. “You have my word that I shall, brother.” She let her hands lower, splaying her fingers over his chest and playing with the buttons of his shirt.

     ”Well—” Loki began; although he caught that brief hitch of breath from Thor’s lips and he paused, a smug grin tugging at the corners of his lips. “You’re blunt when you’re less…” He slid his hands up the small of her back and gave her a gentle squeeze. “Distracted.

     The trickster returned her kiss again, this time relishing in her taste and her scent—realizing now that her taste would likely soon become familiar. He parted his lips briefly just before she pulled away and took in a breath; everything that was Thor filled Loki’s senses and he felt lightheaded. Once his sister pulled back and her stormy blue eyes met his teal, the trickster nearly forgot how to breathe.

     She settled into his lap, her knees on either side of his hips—and he let out a slightly strangled breath that he hadn’t been aware he was holding. Once the thunderer spoke, Loki was able to focus again. Her nearly burning lips pressed against his cool skin and he couldn’t resist letting his eyes flutter shut. In response to her words, he let out a low, rumbling chuckle. “Why in the Nine Realms would I ask you to stop?” 

     The Aesir raised his left hand and threaded his fingers through her long, golden locks and dragged his right from her lower back to her left hip; he held back the urge to dig his fingers into her skin. Despite his obvious enjoyment of current events, he couldn’t shake the thought of what she’d wanted to say—he had an inkling, and it was terrifying, excitingcomplicated. 

     ”I can see that you’ve missed me,” Loki murmured in her ear, a gentle attempt at eliciting the words that she had abandoned.

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      Thor hummed softly as she went through some of his clothes, pushing the hangers one after the other. Her fingers ran over the soft material of the button down shirts, eyes catching sight of the neatly folded trousers on the shelf beneath. Fingers dragged along the fabric of one of them, pausing as she felt her cheeks flush.

      The sound of the dip of mattress made her glance back towards Loki, hand returning to her side. “When have I ever been lady like—- regardless of my previous forms.” She flashed him a grin, turning on heel to face the other. Her smile faltered as she took in the sight of the other, hesitating before taking a few steps closer. There had to be someone, somewhere laughing at her— at this. The universe certainly had quite the sense of humor she thought solemnly, feeling the knot her stomach tighten. Here they were, finally together, and yet still so far apart.

       ”Loki.” Her voice took on a more serious tone, the Thunderer clenching and unclenching her fists as she tried to search for the words she was looking for—- what she wouldn’t give to have the clever tongue of her brother. “I…” She opened her mouth and then closed it, feeling her chest tighten. The Aesir felt like tearing her hair out from the frustration, better yet slamming something hard enough to break.

      Before she knew what she was doing she closed the distance between the two of them, cupping his cheeks between her hands and doing just that. Thor slammed their lips together, only pulling away when she realized just how ridiculous she was being and just how badly she could have ruined their relationship further. She pulled away reluctantly, face red and expression sheepish. “I’m so sorry.”

     To be entirely honest, Loki expected Thor to ignore his subtle playful interest in her. What he did not expect was her reaction to be such a serious one—at least, in a sense, he’d hoped it wouldn’t be. Despite his attempt at avoiding such sincere emotion, his sister always brought it out in him no matter if she meant it or not. The barely heated embers within his chest ignited and the familiar heat began to gently scorch his insides at the change in her tone—and the way that she looked at him.

     The trickster opened his mouth to prompt the words from her but she closed the space between them before he could utter a sound. The instant her fingers brushed against his cheeks, Loki straightened and fluidly moved into meet Thor half way. He took advantage of the sudden kiss, taking in a sharp breath before their lips met. The brief closeness sent fire throughout his veins.

     Loki tightened his grip on her as she began to pull away and, instead, tugged her close to where she’d been before. His jaw was clenched and his eyes closed—his fingers dug into the fabric of her clothing. The Aesir’s eyebrow quirked upward slightly before he spoke, his voice not as steady as it had been. “You may be blunt, if you must..” Loki’s eyes fluttered open to meet Thor’s gaze; his was heavily lidded. 

     ”You are no poet, after all…” The trickster blatantly ignored her apologies simply because he didn’t find it necessary.

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      Thor’s chest heaved as she looked to the other, the position not all that familiar to her— if she were being truthful with herself she more often than not found her being the one pinning. There is little she can do about it now though, as even if she somehow moves the arm and manages to throw him off, there is still the matter of a blade in her face.

      She swallows thickly, contemplating whether or not she could move her legs far enough to kick her brother in the back and take him off guard. Her poorly improvised plan slips from her mind though as Loki brings the blade closer, moving some hair out from her eyes. The thunderer clenches her fists, digging her nails into her palms as she tries to clear her head enough to speak.

      “Do it then— as the Norns be our witness. I would be welcomed by the Valkyrie and escorted to Valhalla where my loyal people await me.” She scoffed, narrowing her eyes. “My words are no more filthy than yours. I come here to bring victory to those who sacrificed their own kin in my name. I’ll not abandon those who give themselves fully in my honor.” Thor tried to stir beneath him, growling as she bucked her hips beneath the other.

      “Go on then— either finish this or let me up to fight more!”


     ”Ah, yes—because there is so much honor in allowing the father of lies to kill you…” Loki’s words dripped from his tongue like vile poison. His blade was still terribly close to her flesh, but now his fingers brushed against her flushed, blood covered skin. The Aesir gazed down at her, his emerald green eyes darkening with each passing second. He raised his eyebrows down at her for a moment before speaking again. “That doesn’t sound particularly honorable to me.”

     As Thor slammed her hips up against Loki’s body, he clenched his teeth and a strangled noise managed to slip from the back of his throat. She was covered in human blood and it’s harsh, coppery smell filled his nostrils—along with the putrid smell of death all around them. It was a scent he was used to by now; but now, Thor’s surprisingly sharp musk mixed with the smell of blood. The trickster found himself unable to keep his breath steady—and in turn, he pressed his own hips down harder.

     ”You think of it as an insult that I came to their aid against you—” Loki paused a moment, tilting his head and lowering his gaze toward her mouth—then his eyes met hers again. “—I believe you are only angrybecause they are resisting your victory. The mighty Thor, lost a battle to the trickster, the lies smith…what will they think of you then?”