єשєгץ๏ภє รєє'ร ฬђ๏ ץ๏ย คקקєคг Շ๏ ๒є, Ŧєฬ кภ๏ฬ ฬђคՇ ץ๏ย гєคɭɭץ คгє...
                                                                                                                    I am Loki, of Asgard. I am the God of mischief and I shall one day be your king.
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loki week march 31: loki’s character traits




by Aurelien Police

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send me heart breaking headcanons about your characters relationship with mine

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Favorite Jaimie Alexander Photos 
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Based off this sexy shoot

Please enjoy :D

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Norse Mythology
Everyone: LOKI NO
Loki: Okay yeah, Loki no.


Avengers Thor by lshgsk

You still don’t trust me?

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"…..I bet you put every single on of those images up there."

"Perhaps I did—”

"—Perhaps I didn’t?”

"Do you think anyone would believe you if you told them I posted every single Tony Stark pony-related image on the internet?”

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"Don’t lie to us, Rainbow Dash"


You should talk—have you checked Google lately?”


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Were you ever in My Little Pony?

     ”Absolutely not.”