єשєгץ๏ภє รєє'ร ฬђ๏ ץ๏ย คקקєคг Շ๏ ๒є, Ŧєฬ кภ๏ฬ ฬђคՇ ץ๏ย гєคɭɭץ คгє...
                                                                                                                    I am Loki, of Asgard. I am the God of mischief and I shall one day be your king.
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How do you like my writing? Grade me!

A = Awesome! You’re amazing! Are you even real??

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D = The efforts there, but you need more practice. But don’t give up!

F = Have you ever sat through an language class before?

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The Future Lurks.

     To say that the Aesir felt weary was an understatement. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew that he should regret his actions—he should regret these children that he had caused to be brought into this world, for he now knew the fear that their very existence struck into Asgardians’ hearts. However, even with all of his might he could not bring himself to regret them, let alone hate them. Loki loved them with every fiber of his being and the Gods hated him for it.

     He glanced to his right as his youngest approached him, his natural state cloaked by the form of a man. A smile tugged at the corners of the trickster’s lips at the sight of him—the form he had chosen fit him strangely well, as if this form was his true nature.

     ”It fits you well, that form,” Loki began, shifting to make room for Fenrir to take a seat at the dinning table. “It seems you too have a gift for it.”

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I love you.”

There’s a visible cringe at the word void. He knew that, of course he did… why wouldn’t he? Stiles sighed heavily and his eyes shifted to Loki for a brief moment.

He didn’t know how or why and part of him wished he hadn’t developed feelings for him, but at the same time he didn’t have any regrets.

"I know… I— this was— I wish I hadn’t…" He muttered softly, as he glances back to him again.


     The Aesir noticed the cringe at his use of that word—he intended for it to be a painful reminder to Stiles how unsafe Loki was, just as unsafe as void was—and is. 

     ”I am older," He began, "I existed before he did. His actions were sloppy, like child’s play…” Loki’s words trailed off and he let out a breath of a sigh.

     ”…We both know that you don’t regret your feelings, don’t lie." He pursed his lips, seeming to be in thought—several seconds of silence passed before he decided to speak again.

     ”What do you intend to do?”

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Walk in the Park {contriveroffraud}


Iris let out a quiet ‘hum’ watching him before simply rolling her eyes. “Most here are human, as they pride themselves on being called,” she said, shrugging slightly. “Short lives for small minded folk, it fits them well,” she added smoothly. “Anything slightly different would stand out if they could pull their eyes off of money and selfish gains.”

"I’ve yet to meet one with such spirit," she sighed, glancing around them once before looking back to him. "The only other powerful creature I’ve met here wasn’t really note worthy, though I suppose there is something about this place that holds a drawing power in it," she muttered, thinking of the ache she felt in the small city parks, nearly feeling the trees screaming and crying out. "That you ‘settled’ there? Did you not live there through your youth? Grow up in the house of royals?" she asked, her eyes skimming to a plant behind him.

Her pale eyes glanced up at him at his last question, everything about her seeming to stiffen. “That’s the easiest to answer, and I’m sure you could answer it just as easily,” she said shaking her head slightly.

I have nowhere else to go.

     The Aesir tilted his head to the bottom right and his teal eyes flickered upward for a moment, as if he were nodding an acknowledgement to her words. Iris’s disdain for mortals was clear in her tone and in her body language—which in turn, sparked Loki’s curiosity.

     ”—There are several immortal creatures who are consumed by greed, by their own selfishness,” The trickster paused to meet her eyes before continuing. “I assure you, ‘tis not limited to only humans…perhaps your people were able to keep a balance—but it’s a rare find.” He noticed that she continued to sweep her gaze around their surroundings and occasionally she seemed to flinch or squint her eyes. Iris felt something and he had an inkling as to what it was. 

     Loki tilted his head briefly before responding, his words falling from his tongue with caution. “Settled—for I was raised there, but it’s not exactly what I would call home. I was…peculiar in contrast to those born there.” 

     Once Iris’ eyes flickered toward him, her body language shifted—she suddenly became rather rigid. Her words simply ignited the spark of curiosity further. “You seem to be bound here, despite your bitterness.” It wasn’t a question.

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              ...ωєℓℓ, ι ﻭυєѕѕ тнαт’ѕ ωσятн α ℓσσк


           •9 years of total roleplay experience; 3 years on tumblr this May.

              єxtensive knowledge of Norse Mythology and Marvel.

              ѕpecializes in Novella/Para; however, script and one-liners are                                        welcomed.

              •Gifs, icons or gif icons used. I am very flexible with whatever is most                               comfortable.

              ultiple ways of interaction encouraged; plot, casual intro posts or                                 asks/submits.

              αlternate Universes welcome.

               3 main verses currently.

              ultiship; although any ships besides the endgame ship are casual

              ƒriendly mun, skype provided upon request.

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i. independent, semi-selective and semi-private original character. 
ii. 4+ years of roleplaying experience here on tumblr.
iii. busy, but friendly and approachable mun.
iv. multi-verse and multi-ship, based on chemistry only, please.
v. open to one-liners, para, novella, with or without icons, etc.
vi. open to plotting serious and/or detailed plots as well.
vii. literally is a giant fluffy cat who purrs do not be afraid. 
viii. please please please read the rules and the about! it is very important.

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Chaos is impatient. It’s random. And above all it’s selfish. It tears down everything just for the sake of change, feeding on itself in constant hunger. But Chaos can also be appealing. It tempts you to believe that nothing matters except what you want.
—Rick Riordan, The Throne of Fire (via wordsnquotes)

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just saying - 

i don’t think you understand

want invasive anons that piss my character off. want questions about their family and lovers and etc. want responses to memes (you never know what a meme can do). i want random magic anons.

want to interact with my followers. 

you are always free to send me anything, anonymous or not.

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