єשєгץ๏ภє รєє'ร ฬђ๏ ץ๏ย คקקєคг Շ๏ ๒є, Ŧєฬ кภ๏ฬ ฬђคՇ ץ๏ย гєคɭɭץ คгє...
                                                                                                                    I am Loki, of Asgard. I am the God of mischief and I shall one day be your king.
[ Post TDW. NSFW often—player is of age. This is purely a RP blog, I do not own the character, Marvel or the stories this character is a part of. I am a multishipper and I will roleplay with anyone! This blog was created May 4th, 2011.]
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You still don’t trust me? Would you?

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Eater of Dreams


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You don’t understand. If we RP together, I want you to wake me up at 5am with ideas. I want to lose sleep over the fact that they’ve broken up, I want the manips, I want the chatzys, I want the broken heart and the tears. I want all of that. Its part of the experience of falling in love with RP, and its why I started the whole thing in the first place.

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Love the fabric. And the coarse, slightly woodcut-like textures of the outlines.

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Mistaken || Loki


    Business was business but sometimes it was damned inconvenient. Shaking his head to clear it of water, Willem brushed his fingers through his hair trying to get it back into some semblance of order after being almost drowned on the short trip from his car to the front door. He did have one thing to look forward to and that was a new supplier for girls to work his club. The last had been skimming off the top and found himself corrected. Willem was still waiting for the body to be discovered, not that he’d hid it spectacularly well, but he’s had the common decency not to leave the man hanging in a public place. Had to think of the children and what seeing a man with his back flayed to look like a fairies wings would do to them.


    It took him a moment to locate the man, at least he was assuming he had the right one. There was something about his face that bespoke cruelty, the casual kind that left people bleeding before stepping over them. Which seemed like exactly the kind of person he was looking for, it took a cold heart to take a young girl and teach her the tricks she’d need to entice men to part with their money. Lightly kicking the leg of the chair that was unoccupied, he turned it to sit, digging through his pockets looking for his cigarettes.

    “So, what’s your asking price, and we’ll work from there.”


     The Æsir sat at his table alone, a bottle of
what seemed to be beer held within his right
hand. Mead was difficult to find in Midgard—
at least, good mead was. He’d found a happy
medium. Alcohol from this world was not strong
 enough to give him a buzz unless he drank until
   the alcohol would have poisoned a mortal; however,
     Loki had a love for the taste, as most Asgardians do.

     Just as he’d taken a drink, the bitter-sweet liquid just
barely burning his tongue, a man helped himself to the 
chair beside him. He’d given the chair a gentle kick aside
 before plopping down into the seat and casually digging his
   hands though his pockets. His sentence didn’t make any sense
     to Loki, especially without any context—-
        He simply turned his head and looked at the man
            as he raised his eyebrows.


                 ❝I beg your pardon?—-
                                    Terribly forward of you, don’t you think?

Favorite pictures of Tom Hiddleston 

The 31st icon in your folder is your characters reaction to seeing something scary.

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Have I made you proud?

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If I reply to you really quickly, it’s because I love you a whole lot and I really want you to see my reply

If I reply to you really slowly, it’s also because I love you and I want you to be proud of my writing

So don’t feel unspecial if I take forever or if I reply way too quickly. I just love everyone a lot.

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AKA, you start with icons, I’ll probably respond with icons. You make it clear you prefer prose, I’ll make sure I’m up for prose when I reply and I’ll try to keep my word count within range of yours. Just want oneliners? Easy peasy.
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What is your favourite food?


     ❝Eggplant tofu. It’s absolutely delicious.